Central Indiana AHC

3000 Mk II (tri-carb) Registry

The 3000 Mk II (tri-carb) Registry is attempting to document the current status of as many of the 5,451 Mk II BN7 and BT7's originally manufactured as possible. Any or all of the information requested below for your car would be greatly appreciated. Please note that none of the information submitted is stored on this server. Instead, when you click the submit button, it is automatically emailed to the registrar, Bob Haskell and to you. Bob took over the registry from Bill Bolton in March 2019. Please direct any questions or comments to Bob at bobhaskell@rocketmail.com.

Complete as much information as possible. If not sure, leave field blank.

Contact Info

Please provide your contact information.

Street Address:
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Email: Your email address is required as a copy of this survey will be mailed to you.
If you are willing to allow the registrar to provide your contact information to previous and future owners of your car, please check the box. All personal information (name/address/email), etc., is held in confidence and is NOT provided to any other party without your prior approval.


VIN: Enter 'missing' if the tag is missing.The VIN is in the form of HBT7L1234.The first BN7 is 13750 and the last is 18888. The first BT7 is 13991 and the last is 19853.
Year of Registration: The year the car is titled as. May have been built one or two years earlier.
Date(s) Built: In the form of 20jan1960.
Date Despatched: In the form of 21jan1960.
Batch Number: On the aluminum tag at the top center of the firewall, just above the grommet where the water temp sensor line comes through: Note - the batch number is behind the clutch line and can usually be seen if the line is pushed up or down a bit
Body Number: On the aluminum tag at the top center of the firewall, just above the grommet where the water temp sensor line comes through. Below the batch number.
Engine Number: On the tag riveted to the lower front left side of the engine.
Key Number(s): The original key was used for both the ignition and boot.

Factory Fitted Equipment

Originally Currently
Adjustable Steering Wheel: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Cigar Lighter: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Hard Top: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Heater: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Luggage Carrier: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Overdrive: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Brake Servo Booster: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Radio: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Tonneau: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Wing Mirrors: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Wire Wheels: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown
Other: please include the information for any additional factory equipment in the notes section below

Original Colors

Color Scheme:
Hard Top Color:

Current Colors

Exterior Color:
Interior Color:
Soft Top Color:
Tonneau Color:
Hard Top Color:

Miscellaneous Notes


There is no other place where the continuous ownership history of these cars can be documented and preserved but in this registry. Most owners are interested in the history of their cars but, since there has not been a place to record and preserve it until now, too much of that information on these 40+ year old vehicles has been lost. Most of this information has to come from the personal knowledge of individual owners, thus the registry desires to record as much as can be known about the ownership history of each car.

Please provide any history of the car as you know it (Names, Addresses, Periods of ownership - day/month/year, if possible) of as many previous owners as possible.

Heritage Certificate

The British Motor Museum will sell you a 'birth' certificate with the production information for your car. The certificate will include the original numbers and color scheme, dates of build and despatch, and (where available) the details of factory fitted equipment.

Please check the box if you have the Heritage Certificate for your car.

If you have the Heritage Certificate, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a copy for the registry record. You can scan a copy and email it as an attachment to: bobhaskell@rocketmail.com or snail mail it to:

Bob Haskell
1570 Saylor St
Zionsville, IN 46077